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This project materialised in a time of isolation, of social distancing and fearful uncertainties about the future. We aim to disseminate research and to reflect on any expression of visual cultures.

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King Arthur’s Westminster: A Virtual Medieval Walk

Matt Clancy takes us on a virtual tour of Arthurian London. In this article, he reflects on the traditions and reiterations of the medieval legend of Arthur, and its continued association with Westminster Abbey. In these uncertain times, we may find ourselves without many of our usual networks and support groups. This blogpost is inspired […]

Fast and Furious Biopolitics

Andreas Petrossiants brings us on a swift ride through the Fast and Furious franchise, reflecting on 21st century developments of western surveillance and policing cultures. For months, I’ve been trying to write a para-academic essay about Fast and Furious, and its fast allusions to the development of slow, epistemic violence. More appropriately, the process has […]

Orozco’s and Portinari’s “American” Murals: Challenging Pan-Americanism

Renata Baltar shares her art historical research on Latin American mural artists and their connection to so-called Pan Americanism. In this article, she challenges the idea of a homogenous culture, and discussess regionalism and mythical references in the works of José Clemente Orozco and Candido Portinari. When the United States created the Pan American Union […]


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