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This project materialised in a time of isolation, of social distancing and fearful uncertainties about the future. We aim to disseminate research and to reflect on any expression of visual cultures.

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“There Is No Need to Hide”: The Visible Act of Dance, the Visible Act of Writing

Dr Ilaria Grando returns to Artsolation with a lyrical piece on the choreographic quality of art writing and its implications in this time of lockdown. Can online platforms become modes of embodied connection? This article is the first part of a series on dance. “What the dancer does is the most realistic of all possible […]

Time and terror: what an Italian 70s movie can tell us about radicalisation in the age of late capitalism

Giulia Delprato and Laura Scalabrella Spada explore the farcical and terrifying world of long-forgotten Italian movie …hanno cambiato faccia, where CEOs, board meetings and TV ad breaks are revealed to be the stuff of nightmare. ‘Capital is dead labour,which, vampire-like,lives only by sucking living labour,and lives the more, the more labour it sucks.’Capital, Karl Marx […]

‘ReVoduation’: The immaterial network(s) of material things

Niklas Wolf writes on the West African religious practices of ‘Vodun’, considering its potential ritualistic developments through new technologies and social media. Pictorial objects from the religious practice of ‘Vodun’ (a term originated in West Africa, globalised and hybridised following the Black Atlantic routes, which refers to both religion itself and its protagonists in the […]


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On Isolation and COVID-19

Going to Work (1943) (At Home): A Reflection on Isolation through the Work of L. S. Lowry

Ella Nixon brings our attention to Lawrence Stephen Lowry, the celebrated British painter of the working class, positing that the subjects of his paintings were his feelings of loneliness rather than the everyday struggles of the poor. What can his paintings tell us now, in this moment of social isolation? A crowd of workers clad […]

Good Things Coming: On Julian of Norwich and Living Through Pandemic

Hannah Lucas introduces us to the medieval anchorite Julian of Norwich and her divine visions. In this time of confinement, she considers the meditative qualities of isolation. ‘al shal be wele, and al shall be wele, and all manner of thing shal be wele’ – Julian of Norwich (1342/3–1416) ‘I believe in the good things […]

Life And Love At The Time Of Covid-19: Story Of An Impossible Touch

Dr Ilaria Grando shares a personal account of the Coronavirus emergency in Northern Italy, explored through the lens of Milanese urban art culture. Can you imagine living in a world where you cannot give a hug, a kiss, or even a caress to your loved ones? Can you imagine living in a world where you […]

Staying in Touch

Dr Marta Zboralska looks at embodied expressions of vicinity and exchange in this piece about hands and performance. I have been spending a lot of time on my phone. Scrolling through TikTok, I came across the ‘gesture challenge’: rhythmically gesticulating a sequence of emojis, as if you were dancing with your hand – just one […]