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Artsolation is a blog about visual cultures created by Lauren Rozenberg and Laura Scalabrella Spada. It materialised in a time of isolation, social distancing and fearful uncertainties about the future. This blog aims to disseminate research and to reflect on any expression of visual cultures. We welcome short article submissions from all fields and career stages, but we especially want to relay and amplify the voices of young academics, writers and artists. Here is some more information:

  • Content: we welcome submissions on all periods, sites or aspects of visual cultures. This can be a short extract from your research, a personal artistic practice or a think piece about something that happened recently. All we ask is that your contributions contain at least one image, free of rights (or with a right to reproduce).
  • Length: we welcome submissions between 500-1000 words. If you wish to write a series, please in get touch.
  • Further readings: each submission should contain between 1-3 reading recommendations.

We hope you will join us in amplifying our voices and sharing cultures.

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